Ve školním roce 2016/2017 navážeme na úspěšnou sérii projektů platformy E-Twinning s tématem REFLEXIONS. V tomto projektu se zaměříme na svět kolem nás v celé jeho různorodosti , ale i v podobnostech. Studenti se seznámí s kulturami národů a hlavně s tím, jak jednotlivé země přispívají ke světovému dědictví a k udržení národních tradic. To však nebrání vzájemné spolupráci a učí nás toleranci a porozumění. Projekt spolupracuje s několika muzei světového formátu , s jejichž pomocí studenti získají nové potřebné znalosti z oboru historie a kultury. Porozumění a respekt ke všem světovým národům, to je cíl, který náš projekt sleduje.
• The hole project is about looking in the mirror at our REFLEXIONS and learning about the others and about ourselves. We live in a world where diversity is in unity. Students learn that we have differences and similarities. Promoting the country culture in the world, knowing the contribution of all people and their minorities to the national heritage and using cooperation among our countries, we´ll integrate the project in the curriculum and learn that we are different but still the same.
• The activities will have as a purpose knowing traditions and customs in our countries as well as their museums, culture but also daily life. They should underline the similarities and differences between our people and countries regarding the culture and civilization.
• Students have the opportunity to realise extracurricular activities without any stress and they learn with more pleasure about other countries improving their spirit team.



• Education for knowing cultural values, understanding and respecting the multiculturalism.
• Our aim is to identify and set down common links, to encourage international relationships, to develop tolerance and respect for our respective lands regarding culture, family customs, traditions and differences.
• Our project will be supported by school managements, by associations of parents, by local authorities, institutions and business communities as well as by cultural and historical groups, museums and political representatives.


Postup práce

The project was started on eTwinning platform and there were involved schools from Sibiu and Braşov – Romania, and Uhersky Brod – Czech Republic. Students will have activities during two years. They are asked to search some interesting information and photos about their town and country, about traditions and customs, even about their daily life. They make some posters, exhibitions, artistic demonstrations, power point presentations, too. Then every information is translated into English and some photos are taken. The final products like powerpoint presentations and photos are sent to partners and then, students from the other countries do the same and give some feedback. We ´ll exchange all information on the platform Etwinning, in emails and on the wiki project. After that, we’ll make some exchanges of our students and teachers ( 3 – 4 teachers and 15 students from each country). We’ll involve students´ families for our exchange, during least a week and journey.


Očekávané výsledky

The expected results are: photos, Power-Point presentations, artistic demonstrations, exhibitions , competitions, TwinSpace, leaflets, trips, articles in school magazines (“Spartacus”) and a wiki, which should underline the similarities and differences between our schools and people, our own mirror reflexions.
Mgr. Jana Řehořová

Vedoucí projektu:

Mgr. Jana Řehořová, Mgr. Jana Cahlová